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SANDMARK Global, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of mechanical, chemical, structural, and life-testing services for manufactured components and systems. Our staffs are trained and certified in data acquisition, analysis, measurement and testing. Our coverage ranges from mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic components, assemblies and systems.


SANDMARK’s process implementation can provide complete and component-level traceability for all castings that we supply. Every batch of castings that we pour will have a unique HEAT NUMBER. This will provide traceability all the way back to the particular melt that was the source for the batch. In addition, we can individually serialize each component within a single batch so that traceability can be extended to individual components (this is particularly useful for high-value and functionally critical components).


Each batch of castings will also be supplied along with the following standard reports (as applicable):


Material (Composition) Test Certificate
Thermal Profile of Stress Relieving Process
Dimensional Reports According to Sampling Plan
CMM Measurement Data (if Applicable)
Pressure/Leak Testing Data (if Applicable)
Hardness Testing Report (if Applicable)
Surface Roughness Measurement (if Applicable)



We offer the full range of non-destructive tests, from our in-house labs and third-party accredited labs. The following tests are offered as standard. For tests other than those listed here, please contact us .

Ultrasound Testing, NDT level II
Radiography Testing, NDT level II
Magnetic particle Testing, NDT level II
Liquid Penetrant Testing, NDT level II.

All the certifications have been issued by the Center for NDT, which implements all their training and testing strictly based on recommendations from ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) .