SANDMARK/SIGMA OEM Exhibits at Design/Manufacturing Show 2016

SANDMARK Global, part of SIGMA OEM was an exhibitor this year at the 2016 Design and Manufacturing Show in New York City. This show was co-hosted by MDM East, Pack East, Quality Expo, Automation Technology East, and Plastec East.

About 900 total suppliers exhibited, and the show attracted about 20,000 attendees.  As is typical of the Northeast Industrial profile, attendees represented Biotech, Pharmaceutical, automation, laboratory and testing equipment, and high tech manufacturing industries.

A major presence in the show were 3D printing companies. As advances are being made in materials and technology, 3D printing is poised to revolutionize small batch production small to medium sized precision parts. This will have implications across the manufacturing landscape, from design/development, country competitiveness, and manufacturing supply chain. Both manufacturers and OEM suppliers will need to examine the impact of 3D printing as it becomes more mainstream.

The show gave us insight into the types of offerings we need to offer to US Industrial Customers as a OEM Service Provider. In order to grow our OEM business successfully, we need to be in a position to offer what our customers require. American manufacturing has evolved over the past two decades away from low-technology, high volume, and ‘commodity’ manufacturing. To be a successful manufacturer in the US today, only those who produce complex and innovative products that require cutting edge process technologies incorporating new materials will thrive. Pharmaceutical hardware, aerospace, and high tech equipment are examples of industries where the US continues to retain manufacturing advantages. SANDMARK, as part of SIGMA OEM, continues to enhance our offerings to support and service these exciting industries.