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China, the world’s factory, is an important sourcing location for SANDMARK.  Our current offerings from China include castings, extrusions, machined components, screw machine parts, electronics, and assemblies.  Whether it is aluminum products from Foshan, castings from Hebei, extrusions from Ningbo, or electronics from Shenzen, you can rely on SANDMARK’s extensive network in China to supply you with highly price-competitive products of worry-free quality and reliability.

Tier I and Tier II Chinese foundries offer unbeatable prices, lead-times and very high competency when it comes to castings.  SANDMARK implements rigorous controls in the manufacturing processes that give us a high level of confidence that when these castings ship from the factory floor, it is already established that they fully meet the requirements and specifications.  Our castings supplied from China have low tooling costs and excellent price-competitiveness, especially in medium to high volumes.

We offer excellent prices for machined parts supplied from China, especially if they are large and challenging.  We also supply screw machine parts, and are competitive even at lower volumes.

If you are looking to purchase PCBs, PCBAs, or electrical/electronic components and assemblies in medium- to large-quantities, China is a great choice.  Most of the world’s EMS providers have large manufacturing footprints in China, and for good reason.  SANDMARK currently supplies power supplies, PCBAs, harnesses, and turnkey electrical and electronic products from China to many of our customers.  SANDMARK has a program management office in Hong Kong that facilitates component procurement, import/export, and source inspection activities in China and Taiwan.



In China, SANDMARK has relationships directly with factories, and additionally maintains a network of buying agents across the major manufacturing regions. We supply manufactured goods to our customers from the following regions:

    • HeBei:   Sand Castings (Gray Iron and Ductile Iron), Investment Castings (Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel), Die Castings (Aluminum and Zinc Alloys), Brass Castings, Stampings


    • Shandong:   Sand Castings (Gray Iron and Ductile Iron), Shell Castings, Lost Foam Casting, Investment Castings (Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel), Die Castings (Aluminum and Zinc Alloys)


    • Ningbo:   Fabrications specific to Lighting Systems, Power supplies, Magnetics, Transformers


  • Shenzen, Guandong:   Magnets, Motors, Stators, PCBs, PCBAs, Electronic Devices, Component Procurement Agents

In addition, support staff in Taiwan and Bangalore (India) provide procurement and program management for our China operations.


Products Sourced

– Castings
– Machined parts
– Special Assemblies
– Gears
– Fabricated Parts
– Plastics
– Components and Devices
– Panels
– Wire Harnesses and Cables
– Instruments
– Sensing Systems
– Energy Products
– Raw Materials
– Optoelectronics