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Engineering Services

We offer the full range of system design, product development and testing services through our top-notch design and management teams in USA and India. This model allows us to leverage high-value technical competence, creativity, and customer proximity of our USA Team, coupled with low-cost structure of our India Team.

Our aim is to be your single source for all your engineering, development, and design needs. To that end, we have assembled a world-class network of engineering service providers that allows us to offer you the broadest range of engineering services. Our network include providers with locations in USA and India, both powerhouses for engineering and design in their own right. Depending on the requirements and demands of your project, we will assemble a team that may span multiple providers and/or multiple locations, and execute each portion where it is most optimal for cost and quality.

From design/development, our engineering team can take the next step into prototyping and testing. Prototyping services include rapid prototyping, tooling and fixtures development, die design, and sample production. We offer appropriate metallurgical and life testing capabilities either as part of your product development efforts, and/or for ongoing quality control.

Our engineering team can additionally transfer your development projects to manufacturing, to your facilities/contract manufacturer in any region of the world. We can also operate as a seamless extension of your transfer team and augment your effort.