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The compelling advantages of lower costs and clear accountability make outsourcing the production of your assemblies a no-brainer. When you outsource to us, we assume full responsibility for the defined form, fit and function of your products, thereby eliminating uncertainties about quality and goodness. Lower labor costs allow us to test and cross-test your products at higher sampling sizes and frequencies.

We can supply custom configured machinery, special purpose machines, automated equipment, and standard product.

Power Systems

We can supply the full range of power system equipment that integrate products from ABB, Philips, and other world-class manufacturers. Whether you require equipment for electrical substations, power generation installations, or for power transmission, SANDMARK can source turnkey solutions and deliver them to your installation sites worldwide.


With our integrated design and manufacturing expertise, we can design, prototype, and manufacture fully turnkey machinery. Our expertise include special purpose machinery (SPMs), automation equipment, and field machinery.


Instrumentation and laboratory equipment generally require extensive software in the form of data acquisition systems, data analysis engines, user-interface features, and machine-machine communication capabilities. Our deep experience developing and manufacturing automated equipment and system software enables us to design complex and turnkey machinery for instrumentation and laboratory use.