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If you are using offshore contract manufacturers (CM) to produce your products, Source Inspection should be a critical aspect of your supply chain process. With Source Inspection, problems are identified on the factory floor of the CM, before they are packed and shipped to your door. The savings in direct time and costs alone justifies source inspection many times over.

Combine our source inspection services with our world-class local testing services, and you can rest easy that your shipments are fully qualified and approved before they are packed and shipped to you.

Source Inspection With SANDMARK

Local Inspectors:

SANDMARK’s extensive footprint and relationships allow us to use qualified inspection personnel that are located locally. To you, this means significant cost-savings and timely service. This also greatly reduces language barriers and miscommunications.


Open Channel to Inspectors:

Our inspectors will follow your requirements and guidelines exactly, and report directly back to your personnel. This allows direct and fully open channel of communication between your personnel and our inspectors on the ground.


Identify Problems at the Source:

With Source Inspection, you can identify non-conforming products right at the supplier facility, saving you significant money and time.


Drop-Ship with Confidence:

If your plans call for drop-shipping finished goods directly to your customer, Source Inspection should be a compulsory part of your supply chain management. Whether it is assuring that the right quantity/ styles/ configuration of product is shipped to the right customer, or ensuring the acceptability of products, or both, Source Inspection can not only save you and your customer money and time.


Implement Quality Initiatives, NPI, and Continuous Improvement Plans:

Look beyond Inspections with SANDMARK. Our Quality and Process Engineers can implement quality initiatives, continuous improvement projects, new product introductions, and related activities at your remote and supplier facilities.