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SANDMARK Mechanical Gears5
SANDMARK Mechanical Gears4
SANDMARK Mechanical Gears3
SANDMARK Mechanical Gears2
SANDMARK Mechanical Gears1
Gear Cutting Operation
SANDMARK Mechanical Gear Cutting Operation
Pinion; Material: Nitralloy 135
SANDMARK Mechanical Pinion Material Nitralloy 135
Precision Gears
SANDMARK Mechanical Precision Gears

Gears & Gearboxes

SANDMARK has earned a reputation for producing high precision gears and gearboxes for the global market through our network of quality vendors. Our gear manufacturers use the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and processes for design and manufacturing of gears of all types. We offer a variety of demanding finishes. Our metrology labs can unequivocally qualify your gears, from critical dimensions to profile measurements. Highly modernized machines such as hobbing machines, gear shaper maxicut, tooth rounding machines, cylindrical grinding systems, band saw, universal milling machines and Vickers hardness testers allow us to manufacture extremely durable gears to your specifications.


Spur gears

Spiral and helical bevel gears

Worm Gears

Spline gears


Internal gears

Racks and pinions
Look to SANDMARK to produce your gear assemblies, from simple gearboxes to marine winches. Our range of gear assemblies includes inline gear motors, worm reduction gearboxes, heli-worm gearboxes, multi-output gearboxes, and multi-speed gearboxes. Call us to discuss your gear system needs.

Looking for design assistance in developing your transmission and gearing systems?
SANDMARK’s design teams can assist your internal teams in bringing your concepts into reality, or you can have us design and develop your products from scratch. Please enquire with us.


SANDMARK specializes in producing high quality, application-specific gears. We have state-of-the-art gear manufacturing equipment and measurement capability that allows us to validate each gear shipping to you meets your full requirements. Below is a partial list of quality metrics that we manage for our gears customers:

Gear Quality Number (Q-Number)

Gear Material GradeGear Material Grade

Hardness Specifications