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Different regions of the world offer distinct advantages for manufacturing/production of specific types of products. Over the past decades, certain regions have developed strong competencies in certain specific manufacturing segments. SANDMARK has targeted the most efficient locations for their respective specializations, allowing us to offer to you the most competitive solutions, at the best possible quality and overall value.

In order to adequately and positively manage our operations and interests locally in these regions, SANDMARK has developed our own local footprints, staffed with our own sourcing managers. This allows us to offer 100% and unconditional guarantees for the products that we manufacture for you. In your relationship with us, as a customer, the risk is ours. You pay only when the products that we supply meet your requirements.

Many of our customers are looking to multi-source, not simply from two different factories, but from different regions of the world. This provides them a hedge against risks related to regional stability, government, currencies, price changes, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events. SANDMARK encourages this type of multi-sourcing strategy. Some of our customers multi-source the same products/components from China, India and Mexico, through SANDMARK. The cost of this multi-sourcing to our customers is ZERO, as it is fully managed by SANDMARK. The customer simply receives their products at their docks, like clockwork!