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Make or buy considerations for manufacturing of products, components, and turnkey systems may not always be straightforward. Some reasons to consider SANDMARK as a supplier for your sub-assemblies and assemblies can be:

Equipment you don’t need – Even simple assemblies can require expensive equipment.
Space and Personnel – Can a particular area and its employees be better utilized in another area of the plant.
Carrying costs of material inventory
Freight charges can add up – Is it cheaper to ship one pallet of parts (assemblies) or to ship 25 boxes of components from different suppliers.
Less expensive labor costs – In low cost regions like India and China, the labor and value-add cost is just plain cheaper. If your components are coming from overseas, it makes sense to have the assembly done there too.

Some assemblies and systems supplied by SANDMARK:

SANDMARK Design Engineering Digital Dry Bath Single Block Version SANDMARK Design Engineering Digital Dry Bath Double Block Version SANDMARK Assemblies Slider Assembly Automation Clamp2 SANDMARK Assemblies Motor2 SANDMARK Assemblies Turnkey Machinery