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SANDMARK Global, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of mechanical, chemical, structural, and life-testing services for manufactured components and systems. Our staffs are trained and certified in data acquisition, analysis, measurement and testing. Our coverage ranges from mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic components, assemblies and systems.

We offer the full range of materials testing, including mechanical testing and chemical analysis. All tests are conducted by NABL accredited labs, with globally accepted procedures. If you require specific tests according to your specifications, we can readily accommodate them.



Tensile test
Bend test
Fatigue test
Compression test
Compression test for springs
Hardness test (HRC/HRA/HRB)
Impact test at range of temperatures from room- to –50C



Micro hardness Vickers
Macro structure with photographs
Austenitic grain size
Microstructure of steel, cast iron, aluminum, and copper alloys
Microstructure of Ni, Ti, Mg, Zn, and their alloys
Inclusion rating
Case depth/decarburisation layer thickness: microscopic method
Case depth/core hardness by micro-hardness: survey method