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Metal Fabrications & Welding

We offer the full range of sheet metal fabrication services with world-class quality and finishes. We have dedicated sources for producing cabinets, panels, and sheet metal assemblies for a wide variety of markets and applications.

From super thin beryllium copper terminals to tricky spring steels to heavy steel stampings, our factories offer a full range of capabilities. Every type of heat treating, carburizing, plating, painting, or powder coating is also available. Labor intensive stamped assemblies offer even greater savings. Stamped materials include brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, spring steel, aluminum, copper, beryllium copper, and bronze in stamping, progressive die stamping or four-slide stamping.

Laser Cutting:
Some applications are just made for laser cutting. Laser cutting provides tremendous advantages in the form of unmatched flexibility, ability to produce parts with complex profiles with no tooling, instantaneous changeovers, batch-processing and process automation.

When it comes to welding, SANDMARK’s sources have consistently demonstrated excellence and highest quality performance. Welding sets us apart from our competition, with the deep skill-set and decades of experience producing and delivering challenging applications. We undertake MIG, TIG, and spot welding jobs with confidence.

SANDMARK offers you the full complement of finishes. We understand that finishing is not just aesthetics, but have critical functional requirements, including weatherproofing, scratch-resistance, hardness, surface roughness, We offer powder-coating, wet-painting, anodizing, polishing, and custom finishes – delivered to your specifications.

Process Engineering Support:
Designers understand the value of having process engineers review their designs. Process Engineers are tuned to manufacturing methods, capabilities and limitations. Their input can provide huge cost-reduction, greatly reduce risk, increase inter-changeability, and deliver product performance improvements. With
SANDMARK, your team will work closely with our technical teams in a true partnership to produce the best possible products at the lowest possible prices. This partnership does not end at order placement, rather we proactively engage with you through the full lifecycle of your products.