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SANDMARK supplies a wide range of products from Mexico, including castings, fabricated parts and assemblies, stampings, extrusions and plastics.  Mexico has many advantages as a manufacturing source, including geographical proximity, lower cost of shipping, transportation times, treaties (NAFTA), cultural similarities, and time-zone advantages.

Mexico has emerged as a strong contender for castings, large and small.  Mexican foundries, which were state-owned a decade ago, have transformed themselves and have become formidable global competitors.  SANDMARK supplies castings of various types, including large castings for automotive and transmission products.

Fabricated products and assemblies is a strength for Mexico.  Many EMS providers rely on Mexican factories for producing panels and enclosures.  Shipping advantages alone trump other factors when it comes to sheet metal panels, enclosures and boxes.  For sourcing fabricated products, SANDMARK’s first preference is Mexican factories because of logistical advantages and lower shipping costs.


Our Mexico offices are located in Juarez and Monterrey.  We cover all of Mexico from these offices.