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Today’s offshore manufacturing facilities utilize state-of-the-art equipment, incorporate manufacturing best-practices, and employ highly skilled and disciplined work-force. However, not all offshore manufacturing sources are made the same, in fact, despite the proliferation of sources with international quality/practices certifications (e.g. ISO9000), big differences exist in capability and the quality of execution among the available sources.

SANDMARK sources from the best producing vendors who can consistently provide us top quality and competitive prices; we continually measure and challenge our vendors and maintain long-standing relationships only with the best. More importantly,

personnel regularly visit the manufacturing facilities performing audits ONSITE, and interact with production personnel face-to-face.

What this means for you is that ON A CONTINUOUS BASIS, your products are produced by the best performing facilities. No compromises.


With a complex supply-chain extending across countries, SANDMARK

has the resources to manage end-to-end, ensuring zero disruption of flow and products are delivered timely.
SANDMARK realizes that today’s businesses cannot afford delays and inconsistencies, and that they directly translate to losses. Our entire operation is focused on getting products to your door precisely when they are supposed to.


Preserving the intellectual property of our customers is a critical function for us. Our customers trust us with their prints, whether they are high-volume commodity items, or high-technology unique items. We have processes where a single factory does not see the full picture of critical products. Customer names, industries, and applications are never revealed.


SANDMARK invites our customers to visit and audit our factories and processes at any time during the purchase and/or manufacturing cycle. We are committed to full transparency throughout the supply chain and to all aspects of our operations