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We offer the best combination of cost, quality, timeliness and service for your outsourced projects – whether they are manufactured parts/assemblies, design jobs, or Software Design projects. Our structure and model has unique and powerful advantages:


  1. Personnel:
    SANDMARK staff have decades of experience leading dynamic, large-scale US multinational companies. We practice customer support as a science, and understand good customer experience is key to our success. Our engineering backgrounds enable us to talk to you at your frequencies. Our global background, experience, and outlook allow us to span cultures and continents and make the world our backyard.
  2. Presence:
    Wherever we do business – USA, India, China – we have SANDMARK personnel. Our personnel have one purpose: to serve our customers’ interests. We are your proxies and your champions throughout the supply-chain. We visit the factories where your products are produced, daily if necessary. We constantly drive quality and continuous improvement of your products with the manufacturer. We manage, track and ensure your shipments leave the factories and reach your door timely and safely.
  3. Process:
    We have captured the complex processes involved in sourcing and supplying the full range of products in our internal process documentation. We document and record all audits, communications, and transactions with you. With a click of a button, we can provide you information on who produced your specific part numbers, through your entire history with us.