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Sandwiched by Design and Testing, prototyping is a bridge activity offered by SANDMARK that provides continuity through the product development cycle. We provide full turnkey prototyping service for electro-mechanical parts and assemblies, including:
PCB Fabrication

PCB Assemblies (PCBA)

Cable Assemblies

Metals and Plastics Fabrication

Rapid Prototyping Options

Firmware and Software Coding

Assembly and Integration

Devices (motors, magnets, components)
Small Batch Procurement

SANDMARK can also provide prototyping and testing services through our Prototyping Centers in India and China. Our prototype manufacturers have long-standing relationship with our designers, and can work collaboratively to produce samples for evaluation and testing. This closed-loop system allows us to quickly validate designs and bring designs to production. Testing and validation can be performed and validated at Independent Testing Labs as required. Whether the products are Telecom, Automotive or any specialized industry, we have access to Labs that are appropriately accredited and resourceful. During the testing cycle, our own Engineers will make themselves physically present at the Testing Facility, and monitor the testing for the full duration to ensure compliance and also to review and record the performance.

SANDMARK can also provide acquisition of certifications for products such as UL and CE, either as a service, or as a consultant to you.