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Quality is the first leg of the three-legged stool, along with price and timeliness, and SANDMARK invests significant portion of our activity to ensuring quality. Especially since products and services are sourced globally, properly measuring and ensuring quality is ever more important. To that end, SANDMARK employs a multi-pronged approach, some of which are described below.

We generally prefer to place manufacturing in facilities that have some type of international quality certification. While any of these certification is not the silver bullet when it comes to quality, these certificates establish that the facility has basic controls in-place for maintaining quality through their operations and processes. However, we have some facilities that are self-certified, and have been audited/approved by SANDMARK Sourcing Managers, and their quality is just as good or even better than those with certifications. SANDMARK takes a pragmatic approach to certifications, which we believe is a win-win strategy both for our customers and suppliers.

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Traceability is a powerful tool in managing quality. Especially with regards to dimensionally critical components, or those involving challenging processes such as large castings, traceability allows us to monitor quality by production batches and lots. If your product will benefit from implementation of traceability, SANDMARK will discuss this with you during the analysis phase.


While our factories perform routine testing, measurement and qualification activities for the products they produce, we also arrange for third party testing service companies to perform independent testing and validation of samples of products. This allows our factories to validate/correlate their testing apparatus and methods with independent and professional testing benchmarks. Our objective is to catch any deviations at the source. Our motto is to ‘test at the source’, whether in-situ during manufacturing, or at critical points during manufacturing.

We commission independent testing and measurement not only for first articles, but also for samples in EVERY batch that we produce. Even if suppliers in the supply chain provide us with data and/or certifications, we independently verify all critical requirements. For example, while our material suppliers provide material composition data for every batch we procure, SANDMARK gets the material independently tested BEFORE we process it, to verify the validity.



Product certifications and standards are important to maintaining a high level of quality. Many of the electrical/electronic components and assemblies manufactured in our factories carry marks of UL, CE and RoHS. Whether it is shepherding your new products through UL or CE testing and certification, or complying our factories with UL requirements via visits by UL inspectors, SANDMARK handles these tasks seamlessly and with little to no effort on your part.

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