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We recommend that second-sourcing (and multi-sourcing) should be a core part of your procurement plan because it is an excellent risk management strategy, especially for your critical parts. We can make multi-sourcing seamless for you by handling all the management and execution ourselves with no additional effort from you. You place a single order with us and we will manage multi-sourcing ourselves. Let us deal with the headaches of second sourcing. Our infrastructure and management is tailored to handle just these types of activities, and we can do it far more efficiently.

Many of our customers are looking to multi-source from different regions of the world because of the following advantages: this provides us a hedge against risks related to regional stability, government, currencies, price changes, natural disasters, or other unforeseen events. In many cases, we procure the same products/components from China, India and Mexico for our customers. The added cost of this multi-sourcing to you is ZERO, as it is fully managed by SANDMARK.