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We offer full-service software design and development services through our extensive network of world-class sources in Bangalore and Pune, India. Software development is highly specialized by type and specific industries, and we carefully source Companies whose core-competencies match your particular needs.

Critical to the success of software development implementations is comprehensive and exhaustive scope definition and complete feature description development. Our business development staff in USA will work on-site to develop this together with you, and only upon sign-off will hand it off to the implementation team located offshore. Through the life of the project, we provide comprehensive and real-time project management during all phases of development and implementation.

Our offerings include


Custom application development
Back and front-office automation
Device programming and interfaces
Factory Automation, SCADA
Motion control systems (Galil, PMAC, Trio)
Lab Automation, LIMS
ASP, Java
Database-driven applications
Software testing, verification and quality


Development Platforms

SQL Server
Oracle, DB2
Visual Studio .NET
Motion Controllers
Siemens, AB PLCs