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The United States remains a manufacturing powerhouse, and will continue to remain so for the foreseeable future.  US Manufacturing suppliers continue to retain their competitive edge in many manufacturing fields and enjoy significant advantages (technical competence, near-shore location, flexibility) with respect to their offshore competitors.  In fact, majority of SANDMARK’s customers are US manufactures looking to increase their competitiveness in US manufacturing by sourcing low value-add portions of their production from more efficient regions of the world, whether it is near- or off-shore.  By maintaining the same price advantages in procurement of raw materials and base components as their Asian competitors, US manufacturers can be more price-competitive  manufacturing high-value products in the USA.



SANDMARK maintains operations centers in Virginia and Maryland, staffed with Program Managers and Engineers. Our US Program Managers oversee all aspects of operations both in the US/Canada and in offshore locations.

In Maryland, via our partnership with Practical Technologies, we offer our customers contract electronics manufacturing services. Our setup is ideally suited for quick turnaround, low volume and prototype builds. In our electronics manufacturing strategy, our Baltimore facility services both as a critical front-end during NPD and NPI (New Product Development and New Product Introduction to Manufacturing), and also as a local Repair and Warranty Service Center for post-sales support.

We also provide warehousing/logistics services and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services across all US states.


Products Sourced

– PCBA and Electronic Assemblies
– Components and Devices
– Cable Assemblies
– Panels and Control Systems
– Machined Parts
– Castings
– Telecom Products
– Electrical Substation Structures
– Power systems
– Solar Energy Products
– Structural Steel Systems