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We can source the complete range of manufactured components and products, including machined and fabricated parts, castings, forgings, extrusions, plastics, assemblies, electrical/electronic products and specialty items. Why go to a raft of vendors for each of your machinings, castings, fabrications, assemblies, and electronics?

Do you have HIGH-MIX, LOW-VOLUME requirements, across various types of products? You can basket your mix with us and we will give you low-cost pricing enjoyed by customers who purchase larger volumes. You save money, and avoid the hassles of dealing with a raft of suppliers, managing quality across far-flung locations, and nightmare logistics issues.


Whether it is at manufacturing facilities , or with logistics providers and consolidators, you get the benefit of our purchasing power and contracts, giving you cost savings, guaranteed quality, and higher degree of timeliness.


We have developed ‘standard’ quality metrics and processes that we impose on all the factories that we use. Our standards have been developed based on years of experience working with Asian factories and represent demanding and world-class methodologies.


Any one of our factories will be manufacturing multiple product lines for SANDMARK at any given time. This allows us to have significant leverage, which we will automatically deploy for your benefit. This translates to lower costs, timeliness, and consistent quality . Because we ship goods for many customers, we have the lowest possible costs for shipping/transportation and logistics.


Second-sourcing is an excellent risk management strategy and should be aggressively pursued while sourcing your critical parts. SANDMARK can source your critical parts from multiple factories simultaneously. Let us manage it for you. We can second-source from factories located in different regions/countries altogether for additional advantages. Let us deal with the headaches of second sourcing. Our infrastructure and management is tailored to handle just these types of activities, and we can do it far more efficiently.

We continually monitor factories’ quality and timeliness, and assure that your obligations to your market and to your customers are not compromised. We can manage the supply chain, logistics, contracts, customs and regulatory requirements, and bring the product to your door, or drop-ship directly to your customers.


We are NOT brokers. You will place your orders with us, and we alone are responsible to meet your requirements and deliverables. By taking on the contract responsibilities, we take the monetary risks away from you and onto ourselves. We have our own operations in China and India, with a full staff and engineers and quality managers, who we will deploy to execute your projects. Our technical staff based in USA and locally in Asia continuously vet and qualify all our sources, and provide technical and quality expertise as needed. We offer full transparency to you; we welcome you to visit the factories where we produce your products, and audit the facility and the people. This way, we offer a true partnership to you with a singular aim: to get you the best possible product at the lowest possible price.


Consider the true cost of doing business in Asia, from your personnel’s time managing the range of vendors, risks of non-deliveries and non-conformance, missed deadlines, travel costs, and inefficiencies in vendor selection. SANDMARK’s infrastructure in USA and Asia is solely set up to do just that for customers like you, so we can do the same tasks for a fraction of what it would really take you, if you did it systematically. We are not beholden to any specific set of vendors; we dynamically go with those who provide the best value, as long as they pass our comprehensive audit – assuring you the lowest possible price in the market, while maintaining the high standards of quality, reliability and timeliness. Call us to find out how competitive we can be, and how straightforward doing business with us is. You will be surprised!

For further information, you can download our brochure here. To hear how we can help your organization, invite us to your facility for a complimentary review of your operations and needs – you will be glad you did.